If you like to feed and watch our feathered friends our products help to keep those hungry squirrels from the feed and bring the birds up close so you can watch the birding action from the comfort of your home.

About Us

Hanaken Ventures, Inc., is the firm founded by Greg & Karen Filazek to market and distribute their products. They are inventors and entrepreneurs who did find a better way. Unlike many of us who have good ideas that remain ideas, they actually realized their vision from idea, to prototype, to patent, to production, to your home!

Hanaken Ventures Inc., has been selling our products for several years and have successfully helped solve many problems associated with the hanging of items around the home for any season. We have designed and distributed thousands of our hangers all over North America and look forward to helping you improve your homes look and feel..

Q and A with the Filazeks:

A. While deciding how to hang a plant outside our back door we asked ourselves the question "wouldn't it be nice to have something that didn't damage our eaves and gave us flexibility about where to hang our decorations to the exterior of our home?" Hence the Soffit Hanger idea was born....
A. We were simply 'making do' with two ceiling hooks screwed together. But, the weight of the plant caused the eave to bend more each year and we had to move the fixture to a 'fresh' section of the eave, creating more damage.
A. We had often thought about other inventions only to lose interest as they did not excite us quite like the idea of the Soffit Hangers. With their versatility, we are now able to hang many decorations and family crafts all year long, during all occasions and seasons, without ever damaging the structure of our home. That, to us, is a significant improvement in home decor, we believe will be of interest to every home owner.
A. Our future plans are to excite home owners who have the same dilemmas we had about hanging plants, wreaths, crafts, etc., and enable them to bring four season exterior decorating to their home .... The Universal Soffit Hangers will undoubtably bring grander colour and enhanced curb appeal to their home, as it has to ours.