The Greatest Innovation in Exterior Home Decorating

Tired of hanging your outdoor decorative home items from your eaves or garage lights, causing unnecessary damage to your house? All Hanaken products are simply better ways to add decorative and functional accents to the exterior of your home.

No More Hooks, Nails, Duct Tape, Wire... No Tools Required!

All Hanaken Ventures products are installed easily and in seconds with no tools or special equipment. The hangers are constructed from coated carbon steel for strength and durability and all hangers are designed and tested to support up to 15 pounds.

Also, you can use more than 1 hanger to hang heavier items.

The Universal Soffit Hangers

The Universal Soffit Hanger is our most flexible product line and allows you to hang your plants, bird feeders, macrame, chimes, wreaths or other crafts anywhere from against the house to below the gutter giving you the best fit possible.

Great for adding wall accents. When installed these hangers are nearly invisible from 10 feet away.

The Mini Hanger

Our least expensive but equally functional product that takes literally 2 seconds to install. It simply slides over top of the facia and you are done. The Mini Hanger is great for hanging plants, bird feeders and chimes.

Our Mini Hanger is our solution to exterior hanging for any soffit. Particularly extra small or longer soffits.