To get the right sizing, measure the soffit from where you can see, and compare it with our three sizing options.

Our products are designed to last as long as we do! Soffit hangers protect your feeders from the rain.


The Universal Soffit Hanger

The Universal Soffit Hangers are installed easily, in seconds, and with no tools or special equipment. The hangers are constructed from coated carbon steel for strength and durability, and are available in 3 fully-adjustable sizes tested to support up to 15 pounds at its' full extension.

See video instructions Universal Soffit Hanger.
Size Fits
Sm (8in) 8-12" Soffits
Md (12in) 12-18" Soffits
Lg (18in) 18-28" Soffits


  • Insert small tube into large tube.
  • Hook the folded end of the hanger into the outside soffit support (away from the house) called the facia (eave lip).
  • Lift the Soffit Hanger assembly up into the groove of the soffit, and insert the smaller tube into the edge of the house as far as it will go.
  • Hold the unit in this position and rotate the smaller tube, lining up the holes on both tubes (this may require a slight retraction away from the house but still provides appropriate support).
  • Insert the safety pin (if required) into the holes securing both tubes. *if you choose a position where the hanger clip will be inserted into BOTH tubes, you won't need the safety pin.
  • Hang your plant or other item on the hanger clip provided and insert it into hole position of your choice.
  • Or try our product the MINI HANGER, which simply hangs on the outside facia.
As Soffit and siding strengths vary, when using either product, ensure hanging weight is appropriate for your home


It just simply hangs on your outside facia. It's just as easy as that.

See video instructions Mini Hanger.